! * () ; : % #@ ! [] “>< What is it Called 

There are different icons when you write in English, and you wonder what is it called. In Simple English, these icons are called punctuation marks/Symbols. There are 14 punctuation marks and 70 plus commonly used English language symbols.

! () ; % #@ ! [] “ What is it Called
! () ; % #@ ! [] “ What is it Called

14 Punctuation Marks. What is it Called

The 14 punctuation marks are the period/ full stop, exclamation mark, parentheses, question mark, colon, semicolon, hyphen, dash, brackets, braces, apostrophe, comma, ellipsis, and quotation mark. Let’s look at how to identify them and examples of how to use them in writing.

14 Punctuation Marks. What is it Called
Name of the Punctuation MarkPunctuation MarkPractical Example
Period / Full stop  .He said goodbye.
Exclamation Mark!Oh yes! I got through the exam
Parentheses( )Daniel ( who is Jessica’s husband) is a sailor
Question Mark?Did you like the food?
Colon  :          These trousers are the best: They are cheap and durable
Semi Colon         ;          I ordered another cake; sugar always hypes me up.
Hyphen Sister-in-law
Dash  The magazine was in circulation from 2015-2021
Brackets   [ ]            He[peter] is a dog lover
ApostropheIt’s my pleasure always 
Comma,Adam, I am glad to meet you
Slash/This can be his/her book
EllipsisThe countdown started 8,7,6 … and everyone started clapping
Quotation Mark  “ ”    “I will rebuild this nation to be a global power house”

Few Commonly Used Symbols. What is it Called

There are 70 plus symbols in the English language. Let’s look at some common ones that we use with examples

Few Commonly Used Symbols. What is it Called
Name of the Symbol SymbolPractical Example
Ampersand&P&L (profit and loss), B&B (bed and breakfast)
Asterisk*He scored 100* ( not out) in the first innings 
Braces{ }Choose a color {black, red, gold, silver} to buy a phone cover
At sign@contactus@gmail.com
Number Sign ( Hashtag)##love#happiness#holiday
Numero signWe live in № 86
Percentage sign%90%     
Tiei͡a for я
Plus sign+2+2= 4
Minus sign5-2 =3
Diameter sign⌀ 37mm
Equals sign=2+2=4
Division sign ÷10 ÷ 2 =5
Multiplication sign×5×2 =10
Plus/ Minus sign ±50g ± 2g ( 50 grams plus or minus 2 grams)
Less than sign<2 < 5
More than sign>5 > 2
Section sign§§23 ( Section 23)
There for sign∴  y+ 8 = 20 ∴ y = 12
Underscore_peter_shillion ( username)        
Trade MarkMcAfee™
Registered trademark®Coca-Cola® 
Service MarkJust Do It
Copyright Sign©2022©whenhowandwhat
Tilde ~~60 seconds after (Approximately 60 seconds after)
Degrees sign °25°c, 35°F
Manicule Exit ☞