What is Marital Status? Everything Explained  

Marital status is the option that describes a person’s relationship with the significant other. In vital records and in certain documents, you must fill in the marital status. So what is marital status? lets explore and learn more.

What is Marital Status
What is Marital Status

What is Civil Status?

Civil status is a synonym for marital status. Certain paperwork, surveys, applications for employment, loans, and credit include questions where you need to answer your civil status.

What is Marital Status Example?

• Married – You are considered married when there is a culturally and often legally recognized union between two people. Married people are known as spouses. This also included persons in civil unions. 

• Widowed – Widowed means that your spouse has deceased.

• Divorced – Divorced is when you are no longer married because your marriage has been legally dissolved.

• Separated – Separated means you are living away from your spouse but are still legally married; you must apply for divorce to end your legal marital status.

• De facto marital status – When you and your partner are in a relationship and both start living together as a couple but not married, you have a de facto relationship.

• Single – If you have never been married, you are considered as single. Especially when you do not fit into any of the other marital statuses.

Note: Some people mark their marital status as single after being widowed, divorced, or separated for a while.

What is Marital Status Example

What is My Marital Status if I have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?

You are still considered single if you are just dating a girl/boy. You need to be in a committed bond if it is to consider as married / or de facto relationship.

What is My Marital Status if I have a Boyfriend Girlfriend

Is Dating a Relationship Status?

Legally, dating is not a valid relationship / marital status. Dating is having an affair, and it is the process where a couple gets to know each other.


There are 6 official marital statuses, but some countries might have slightly different definitions on some. E.g., In the USA, “single” is defined as “never married.” In Canada, de facto marital status is known as common law. we hope that you got a fair idea about what is marital status.