What is whatfinger? Expert Review

Whatfinger is a news website. It does, however, specialize in using sources from the extreme left and extreme right on the same issues, allowing the reader to observe how both extremes spin the news of the day. There are many different types of material connections to be found, such as videos, technology, sports, humor, and unique statistics charts.

Top Stories and Niche Topics are the two main sections on the homepage. The Leading Items area comprises mainstream stories that have been sourced directly from top news websites.

These media sources are moderately to severely biased toward conservative causes through story selection and political affiliation. Whatfinger has narrowed down several themes in the Niche Topics section depending on users’ choices, and Facebook likes. Whatfinger News has 16 million page views every month as of September 2020.

What is whatfinger
What is whatfinger

Who Owns Whatfinger?

Whatfinger does not reveal who owns it. The website is supported by advertising.

What is the Country of Origin of whatfinger?


What is the Country of origin of whatfinger

Is the Whatfinger Website a Reliable News Source?

Whatfinger.com is a  news aggregation site, and because both extremes spin events in their favor, it’s biased news, with primary sources from right-wing news outlets. There are numerous articles on whatfinger.com that provide correct information or at least attempt to be objective about their subject. Whatfinger gathers information from a wide range of right-wing websites, some of which are Mixed for factual reporting.

Is the Whatfinger Website a Reliable News Source

We like the site because it allows us to read people’s perspectives from many walks of life. Generally, whatever both sides state in common can be trusted as fact.  

But it is a divided opinion. Some consider Whatfinger to be right-skewed in terms of sourcing and story selection and mixed in terms of factual reporting. Mainly due to the use of untrustworthy sources and a lack of transparency.

Whatfinger is a site that serves as a substitute for Drudge. It follows the same news format as Drudge. So it is up to each reader to read, listen, and watch and determine for themselves what finger they will offer for this site 🙂