When Is The Best Time To Water Plants? Key Information.

The best time to water your plants and trees is early morning, preferably before the sun peaks. We would say 6.00 am to 9.00 would be the ideal time to water your plants. Still, with your daily routines like dropping kids to school, morning jogs might be difficult. Still, maybe you can slightly tweak your schedule and dedicate 20 minutes you will not regret.

Can I Water My Plants In Night? 

Yes, you can, but leaves can stay wet for a long time since they do not have the proper sunlight to dry them off. This will lead to fungal growth and destroy your valuable plants. If you do not have time to water your plants in the morning, then the next best option is early evening, just before sunset. This will give your plants just enough time to dry so that fungi will not attack them.

If you see your plants are wilted, you may have to water them twice a day until they look back normal; if not, your plant will die. This can happen in scorching summer conditions. Certain newly planted trees also might need extra watering and specific information for each plant you can get from your garden shop or the florist.

When Is The Best Time To Water Plants
When Is The Best Time To Water Plants

Over Watering Of Plants

Waterlogged soil will reduce the supply of necessary nutrients and oxygen to the plant. This will reduce the plant’s growth and sometimes make it die. Sometimes over watering will decay the roots, and it will develop rot, leading to plants dying. Extra water sometimes increases the water pressure of the plant and forms blisters on the surface. Hence, it would be best to make sure that you constantly water only the required amount and not overdo it.