When Someone Walks Out Of Your Life

What would be the first reaction when someone walks out of your life? , will you cry? Panic?, will you go blank and think, what am I going to do now?

Well, most of us would be heartbroken looking back at those fond memories which both parties shared and the good time we had. But is it worth it?

When someone walks out of your life, leaving you behind, is it worth wasting time thinking about them? Is it worth giving up on everything and cry over spilled milk? What will you gain by doing that? Will they come back to your life?

Of course, there is no use in wasting your time on people who left you or who betrayed you. They left you because they can have a better life without you. You may miss them; you will miss the good times but keep in mind it is not you left. The other person left everything behind and walked away from you because you are no longer an integral part of their lives.

Sometimes, when a glass is broken, the cracks will be there forever, even if you paste the broken pieces. In the same way, the reason for the other person to leave could have been that the cracks in his / her life are too much so that the other side of the glass has become invisible.

So, if someone walks out of your life, look back and see whether the reason was you.

If Someone Walks Out Of Your Life, How Can You Cope It Up

  • Be with friends, talk with them – Friends can be the best medicine when you go through a breakup. When you are going through a breakup, and when someone walks out of your life, you will need people to hang up, talk, share your sorrow. People tend to isolate themself when they go through breakups, and this is very dangerous, which can lead you into a deep depression. So never isolate yourself, go out, meet friends, cry with them, laugh with them.
  • Watch movies / Listen to music – It is always good to entertain yourself a bit when you are down. Watch some films listen to some music, which will help you take your mind out from the current problem.
  • Go out; Exercise / Get active – When you stay indoors, old memories tend to come and haunt you. Go out, go for a jog, you will meet new people, and it will help you to relax. Exercising will help you to reduce stress since it generates hormones to control stress levels in your body.
  • Try to find new hobbies / Explore more about yourself- Sometimes when you are alone, you can rediscover yourself. There can be forgotten talents, undiscovered creativity. Just express yourself.
If Someone Walks Out Of Your Life, How Can You Cope It Up
  • Visualize that life can be even better than before- When you get yourself free from a toxic relationship, you can have a better future. So, visualize all the good things that you can do in the future. Imagine the good/fun things that you are going to do as a single.
  • Do not put out your issues on social media – You can share your problem with your close friends, and they will help you for sure. But if you put your frustration out on social media. People will try to take advantage of your situation. People who are not close to you might give you inappropriate advice, which will aggravate the situation. Further, your problem will be the talk of the town.
  • Do not try to peep into your Ex-s affairs – After a breakup, we tend to peep into your ex’s life out of curiosity. You want to look at their social media profiles, and you want to speak to their friends and ask about your ex. The more you do this stuff more difficult it will be for you to get away from the memories. Cut all the ties. Just delete that person from your life and move on.
  •  Go for Counseling – If you cannot move on with your life after trying on your own, then the best advice is to take professional help. The counselor/ therapist will guide you on how to move on from a breakup and how to cope with the psychological challenges that you face.

Feeling isolated and depressed when a relationship ends is normal, but never get stuck on that feeling. So always make sure to take good care of yourself and take some time. Time is the best healer, And always do remember when someone walks out of your life, that is not the end. It can be the first step of the most beautiful period in your life.

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