When You Display Food in Ice the Food Must? The Correct Answer

The answer to the question when you display food in ice the food must ?  41° F (5°C) or colder.

Some might say be in room temperature, which is not good. Less than 31° F (- 0.5 °C) which is not a practical solution most of the time. And less than 45° F (7.2 °C) which is again too warm.

How Long Can Food be Displayed in Cold Storage?

When displaying cold food on a buffet, use appropriate chilled display equipment to keep it at 41° F (5° C) or lower. If this method is not possible, you can display food out of refrigerated storage for up to four hours, but only once. Check the food temperature regularly and make sure you know how long it has been on display or kept out.

When You Display Food in Ice the Food Must
When You Display Food in Ice the Food Must

Why is it important to display food correctly on ice?

Food that has the potential to be hazardous must be exhibited in a way that prevents harmful germs from growing to dangerous levels or creating toxins. Furthermore, using ice to cool food changes the temperature of the food and prevents germs and bacteria from growing, which may have occurred if the food was kept at room temperature.

What Food Can Be Displayed Directly on Ice?

Ice used to cool the outside of food, canned beverages, or equipment cannot be consumed as food. Foods held on the ice must be wrapped to prevent water from entering. Raw vegetables and whole fruits and certain meat items are the only unpackaged items that can be stored in direct contact with ice.

What Food Can Be Displayed Directly on Ice

How Can You Tell If Your Chilled Display Unit Is Working Properly?

Check temperatures with a Dial Thermometer between frozen foods to ensure that the equipment is in good operating order. Some pieces of equipment will feature a digital display or dial that shows the temperature that has been set. You can use this to check the temperature of your equipment and verify that it is always less than 41° F (5° C).