Which Position is Always Staffed in ICS Applications?

The Incident Commander is the only position that is always staffed in ICS (Incident Command Systems) applications. This is the correct answer to the question, which position is always staffed in ICS applications? A single person—the Incident Commander—may perform all management functions on minor incidents and events.

Which Position is Always Staffed in ICS Applications
Which Position is Always Staffed in ICS Applications

Who Is an Incident Commander?

The incident commander is the person who will be in charge of all parts of emergency response, including formulating incident objectives immediately, overseeing all incident activities, allocating resources, and taking accountability for all people engaged. The incident commander establishes priorities and organizes incident response teams and the overall incident action plan.

Incident commanders should use the occurrence command system at every incident, and all workers should be conversant with it. Many fire and rescue agency personnel and officials will be working under this nationally recognized system of work during larger situations. A common language and prepare fire and rescue services for local, cross-border, and national incidents.

The incident commander is the person designated as capable and responsible in the event of an incident. When a more senior officer responds to an emergency, they should evaluate the current operating strategy and priorities. They must review the current risk assessment as well as the incident plan.

This assessment is part of the command process and will help determine whether to assume command or take on another function, such as operational assurance or active incident monitoring.

Higher qualified or senior officers may assume the job of incident commander upon their arrival or as the situation warrants. Even if subordinate positions are not assigned, the incident commander position is always designated or assumed. 

The incident commander may, at their discretion, appoint persons to be subordinate or in particular positions for the duration of the emergency, which may be from the same agency or aid agencies.

The word is also used by firefighters and emergency response teams in the United States, and while the stakes are frequently higher in those situations, the duty is the same. The incident commander will be the go-to person for anything relating to the incident.

Who Is an Incident Commander

Responsibilities of the Incident Commander

Responsibilities of the Incident Commander In addition to overall responsibility for incident management, the Incident Commander:

• Is in charge of guaranteeing incident safety.

• Providing internal and external stakeholders with information services.

• Establishing and maintaining contact with other agencies involved in the situation.

• As required by the agency/jurisdiction, provide other command assistance.

• Deputies from the same agency or other agencies or jurisdictions may be present. Deputy Incident Commanders must have the same qualifications as the Incident Commander.

A Basic ICS ( Incident Command Systems) Principle is that the first Incident Commander is Responsible Until When?

Until the authority is going to be delegated to another person

Best Practices of Incident Commanders

Best Practices of Incident Commanders

• Always make a plan.

• Concentration on the task

• Remaining calm

• Always adhere to industry best practices.

• Follow up with your team members.


The incident commander is the primary point of contact and source of information on your issue. They look at the overall picture, manage all the moving parts, know what’s been attempted and still on the table, and plan and manage the next moves.

Communication and teamwork will break down in the absence of an incident commander. It’s common for teams to undertake the same work without realizing it, overlook big-picture issues, and fail to communicate with system users in a timely and accurate manner. 

Being such an important role that they play, we believe now that you know why incident commander is the answer to the question of which position is always staffed in ICS applications.