With the wide range of benefits offered by Avant Money Car Loan, you can now dare to dream and actualize your car ownership. So, be you in pursuit for a used or new car, their advance loans come with fixed interest rates regardless of the scorecard ratings attached and have flexible repayment schedules to match your financial muscle since they require no collateral.


The Key Benefits

Fixed Interest Rates

The stability and calculability of Avant Money is nurtured through their provision of a fixed interest rate policy guaranteed for the entire payback term. With fixed rates, rest easy knowing your monthly repayments stay the same rather than worrying about increasing or decreasing interest costs.


Flexible Repayment Terms

Take control of your loan by making adjustments based on the condition you are with Avant Money’s repayment terms. Look through the terms of repayment that vary from 12 months to another extreme term – a period equals up to 84 months, and you will have an opportunity for easy management.

No Early Repayment Fees

It is your option and flexible to pay off the loan early without any penalty or fees. Whether you receive a windfall or want to ensure that your loan is paid off quicker, Avant Money helps meet your financial targets without charging for early repayment.

Convenient Online Application

The process of applying for an Avant Money Car Loan is easy and convenient. By applying online, you can do so anytime and from anywhere, getting an onscreen decision in principle within minutes. Enjoy the convenience of obtaining a car loan at home or on the road.


Borrowing Flexibility

With Avant Money, you can enjoy borrowing freedom as one has the option to get a loan amount between €5,000 and €75, 000. Whether you’re buying a small city car or a luxury one, the Avant Money Car Loan will give you financial help to get behind the wheel of your dream vehicle.


You need to be an Irish resident, who is 18 years old or older in order for you to qualify and apply for the Avant Money Car Loan. There is a need for assessing your finances with the aid of proof, available income and opt to search in a credit reference agency.

About the Bank

In 1997, Avant Money was launched as MBNA and has been serving Irish customers with credit products which lead the market based on simplicity, teamwork, caring trust, and daring. Avant Money is a part of Bankinter, the largest and one of the most reputable banks in Spain, that by being on a local market combines global financial stability.

Who is this Loan for?

Avant Money Car Loan is designed for both individuals interested in purchasing a car – new or used, starting from competitive fixed rates and flexible terms to people-oriented approach. Whether you are a first-time business owner or an individual planning to replace the old company car, Avant Money Car Loan is perfect for all your needs.


Step by Step to Apply for the Loan

  • Log into the Avant Money website and log into their portal for car loan application.
  • Enter all the necessary personal and financial data.
  • Obtain principle approval within minutes.
  • Submit any additional documentation requested.
  • Review and sign the loan agreement upon final approval.
  • The disbursement will be made directly to the designated account.

Positives and Negatives of the Loan


  • Stability and predictability are the key advantages of having fixed interest rates.
  • There are flexible terms of payment to cater for all kinds of budgets.
  • No early settlement fees provide financial certainty.


  • Certain borrowers may be denied access based on strict considerations for eligibility.

How to Unlock the Loan?

Once your application is approved, Avant Money will send the full amount of loan directly to your account specified so that it could be used for a car purchase.

Fees and Tariffs

Avant Money Car Loan provides competitive interest rates and clear fee structures to enable the individuals borrowing from it to understand what they are committing. Here’s what you need to know about fees and tariffs associated with Avant Money Car Loan: 

Interest Rates

Avant Money Car Loan has set interest rates that do not vary over the term of repayment, hence offering consumers a constant predictable rate for their entire loan. The interest rate would differ according to the loan amount and duration, between €20,000 and €75,000 the rates starts from 6.9%, and for lower amounts (up to €19,999) starts from 8.7%. APR’s rates can fluctuate however through major outlets these are with about a standard of deviation from an average.

No Set-Up or Early Repayment Fees

One of the biggest advantages of this lender is that unlike some, Avant Money does not impose any set-up or early repayment charges. There is a feature of free prepayment at an early date in the case borrowers decide to repay their loans before deadlines that can be considered as positive for them because it gives more flexibility and opportunities related costs minimization.

Transparent Fee Structure

Through a clear fee structure, Avant Money guarantees that borrowers do not face unforeseen charges related to giving out loans. Lack of hidden charges enables borrowers to budget effectively and prepare well for repayments.

Customer Service

To help you with your car loan application or make any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact Avant Money’s dedicated loans team on the following channels:

Free up the keys to car ownership with Avant Money Car Loan and enjoy a smoother borrowing path designed around you. Why wait to Apply now and drive off with reassurance!