transfer money from PayPal

How to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account?

Transfer money easily from PayPal to your bank account in Ireland. Learn about alternative methods and manage your funds conveniently with PayPal.
What is a bank account for children?

What is a bank account for children?

Irish banks offer special children's accounts for early financial education, promoting savings and responsibility from a young age.
Best savings accounts in Ireland

5 best savings accounts in Ireland

Ireland's banking system offers tax advantages, including a 10% income tax reduction. Top 5 savings accounts offer tax-free interest, flexibility, and competitive rates.
hand putting a coin in a piggy bank

Investment for beginners: how to start investing

Embark on your investment journey! Learn why, how, and where to start. Build wealth, beat inflation, and achieve financial goals with confidence.
Credit Bureau in Ireland

Credit Bureau in Ireland

Credit Bureaus like the Irish Credit Bureau and Central Credit Register manage credit information. Governed by the Credit Reporting Act 2013, they provide credit reports, allow corrections, and impact loan approvals.
investment platforms

Best investment platforms in Ireland

Discover the best investment platforms in Ireland. Explore low-cost options, personalized advice, and user-friendly interfaces. Start managing your investments today!
SWIRL Tax Free Employee Rewards Gift Card

How to Apply for your SWIRL Tax Free Employee Rewards Gift Card

SWIRL Tax-Free Gift Card: Up to €1,000 tax-free for employee rewards. Global, fast, user-friendly. Contact: Website, email, phone. Aplly now!
illustration of a man cutting a prisoner's chain, with 'debit' written on it

How to pay off your debts and regain your financial well-being

Master debt, craft a financial plan, and turn chaos into gold! Our guide empowers with negotiation skills, snowball strategies, and a fellowship for financial wisdom. Power up with side quests, build an emergency fund, and celebrate financial victories. Begin your journey to financial well-being now!
What is a Credit Card

What is a credit card and how does it work?

What is a Credit Card? Unlock the secrets of credit cards: Understand how they work, differences from debit cards, terminology, usage tips, and potential risks.