The Avant Money Refinance Loan has so much to offer thus giving you the ability to make something out of your financial situation. With fixed interest rates, changeable values for the terms of loans and no penalties in case one repays his loan early makes it certain that they considered your financial needs accordingly. And there is no better companion in the course than Avant Money because they are trusted and reliable, meaning you can start your financial journey with confidence.


Key Benefits

Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rates

When you borrow the Avant Money Refinance Loan, you are guaranteed of relief with a fixed interest rate. This implies that the amount you repay each month is consistent during your loan term period, which assists in planning your budgets without fear of fluctuation in the interest rates.


Flexible Loan Terms

Enjoy the freedom to accommodate your financial needs by applying for a flexible loan scheme available with repayment terms starting from 12 months and going up to a maximum of 120 months. Avant Money offers the freedom you need to design your loan depending on how fast or slow you want to pay off – whether it’s a short repayment period that will help dispatch with the mortgage quicker.

No Set-Up or Early Repayment Fees

One of the best things about Avant Money that can decide everything else is this lender doesn’t come with any set up or early repayment fees unlike some other providers out there. This implies that you can access a loan with the assurance of not paying any other cost called for starting to take burrowing or early payment. The advantage of that arrangement is flexibility towards capital and saving money more effectively on your end.

Borrowing Range

The range to borrow with Avant Money is also very wide and you can get any amount from €5,000 up to €75,000. Regardless of you wanting a lump sum figure to cater for emergencies or needing higher amounts for better financial projects such as house repairs and debt funding, Avant Money has got it all.


Streamlined Application Process

The application is also easy and convenient for the money refinance loan offered by Avant. The application process can be finished online and if you qualify; the approval in principle can have only a couple of minutes. Cutting out this red tape process, allowing you to have access to that amount of money swiftly without the bureaucracy associated with a thousand complicated paperwork.


Membership, to enable one to apply for the Avant Money Refinance Loan, is open to persons aged eighteen years and above who are legal residents of Republic Ireland. For purposes of eligibility, one needs to show proof of income and carry out a search on a credit reference agency. The credit is a personal unsecured loan outside business, house acquisition, or investment desires.

About Avant Money

A company with a history that goes deep into 1997, Avant Money is not quite new in the world of Irish consumer finance. Developed as MBNA, which currently belongs to Bankinter concern and acting under its umbrella. Avant Finance combines a local approach with the financial backbone of an international entity. Avant Money is passionate about simplicity, teamwork, caring trust and daring as it endeavors to offer groundbreaking loans that meet customer demands.

Who is this Loan for?

The Avant Money Refinance Loan is recommended for people, who wish to merge loans, change their financial behavior or make repaying without any difficulties. If you are a young couple aspiring to learn how effectively manage your finances, or even an elderly couple who want less sporadically amortizing loans, this loan has something for everybody.


Step by Step Application Process

  • Go to the Avant Money official webpage, click on Refinance Loan.
  • To figure out the possible amount to borrow and desired term of repayment use Refinance Loan Calculator.
  • Fill the online application form with all necessary information such as your personal details and financial history.
  • Await conditional approval, which can also be attained within minutes of application submission.
  • Move to close the loan agreement after approval and obtain funds in your account of choice.

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Positives and Negatives


  • One of the benefits that are associated with fixed interest rates is offering financial stability.
  • Diversity in a range of commercial loan terms is targeted at meeting different financial demands.
  • No early repayment fees provide further flexibility.


  • There could be a variation of interest rates based on individual credit profiles.
  • It is possible that the limits to max loan amounts are used with certain eligibility requirements.

How to Unlock the Loan?

When accepted, the Avant Money Refinance Loan can be claimed by clicking to sign the loan agreement and assets are directed in your nominated account.

Fees and Tariffs

  • No configuration or activation charges
  • No early repayment fees
  • Here, the transparent fee structure offered means that there are no hidden charges.
  • Competitive interest rates offer cost effectiveness.
  • The borrower has access to funds without incurring any further costs.
  • Most importantly, its terms and conditions are openly stated which enables one to know the cost of borrowing.

Customer Service

For help with the Avant Money Refinance Loan, or for any queries whatsoever, customers can contact the specialized loans team of Avant Money at telephone number 1800 286 262 or +353 71 959 4040 from abroad. The Avant Money website also provides complete resources and support.

With the advantages made available by Avant Money Refinance Loan, you are able to start a life full of economic freedom and stability. It gives you the freedom to fulfil your dreams as this loan has friendly terms, transparent fees structure and customer support. Apply today to save the financial future with Avant Money.