Be smart and step inside the world where you can control your money. The Classic Credit Card by An Post Money symbolizes class and flexibility. Your money is always yours that is saved in the card. Like other banks, they provide the customers with perks and privileges. 

From 0% interest on balance transfers in the first 12 months, online payment options to billing, exclusive offers for travelling abroad to additional cardholders. This card is well known for the everyday needs of every individual. So feel free to avail the offers, so enjoy the benefits and upgrade your lifestyle.



The Key Benefits of Classic Credit Card

Ireland’s best 0% interest on balance transfer cards has many other offers for you too. Some great benefits of this card are: 

  1. 0% Interest on balance transfers: Enjoy the 0 %interest on transferring balance from existing card to An post Classic card. This offer is valid throughout the first year. You can also send money from An Post card to your account without any extra charges. 
  2. Interest-free Credit: If you pay your bills fully on time, you will also get rewarded. How? You will get 56 interest free days. Isn’t it amazing? No need to pay interest on purchases. 
  3. Advanced online services: Experience secure online services at the credit card app. You can activate, freeze/ unfreeze your card, view statements and transaction details and any other activities on the card. 
  4. Chargeback scheme: get the advanced security features with this card. If anything happens to your card, or the purchase got misplaced. The Mastercard chargeback scheme will refund your loss. 
  5. Additional card: For supplementary cards, you don’t need to pay any extra charges. The Government Stamp duty payment of just one card has to be given but your family can enjoy perks of having 3 additional cards. All these cards are globally accepted. So enjoy shopping and purchasing abroad too. 
  6. Travel services:  With Classic card, you will not encounter any inconvenience while shopping or purchasing in any other country. Get the offer at MasterCard Priceless Cities program and avail SPA, Fine Dine and Hotel getaways services. 


You can check your eligibility at the An Post Money website, but you should know some basics. Like the age must be equal and greater than 18 years. Anyone with an average salary can apply but high income will let you have a high credit limit. You must be a resident of Ireland. Some documents like Passport, bills  and income statements will be required. 

About An Post Money

An Post is Ireland’s biggest Postal office platform, which has many subsidiaries. An Post Money is its subdivision that provides effective financial and banking services to the customers. Like Credit cards, loan, savings, current account and investment management. It will track your money and can also manage it, so you can use it for better opportunities. So you don’t ever worry about the usage of money. 


Who is this Classic Credit Card for?

If you want to elevate your financial life then this card is a great option. You can control your money, the power will remain in your hand. As your everyday spending and balance transfer is done interest free. So you have many options where you can spend your money. Frequent travelers can also get benefits of having this card. Through Priceless Cities offer, you can enjoy exclusive offers and experiences wherever in the world. 


Procedure to Apply For An Post Money Classic Credit Card

Interested in having a Classic Card By An Post? Then it takes minutes to apply for the card. Just follow the simple process.  

  1. Website: Visit An Post Money website and Open Classic Credit Card from the main menu. 
  2. Gather Documents: Essential documents like ID, bills, and income statements should already be gathered. 
  3. Check your eligibility: Classic Credit Card has an option to your eligibility online. Just enter your monthly income, rent payments, relationship status and number of dependents. You will get the estimated Credit limit with approval to proceed to application. 
  4. Form filling process: fill out personal and income details carefully. 
  5. Attach Required Documents: to process you need to scan the necessary documents and attach to the document hub. 
  6. Submit: Submit your application online, you can also call at toll free number to get the card. 

Positive and Negative aspects of the Card

Every card has positive and negative points in it. Let’s discover some of benefits and limitations of this card:


  1.  Money transfer of card to account: you can do it without any interest charges. No money is deducted in the name of interest fee. 
  2. No annual fees applied
  3. Global acceptance
  4.  Online security features will keep your money safe and track down all the activities.  


  1.  There are not any type of cashback rewards available.  

How to activate the Classic Credit Card?

To unlock your An Post Money Classic Credit Card you can either call the service center or you can also activate it online by using an app. Log in to the credit card app, navigate to card management and click the card unlock option. Enter your PIN, you will instantly get notification or alert. 

Fees and tariffs

There is a zero set up fee for Classic cards by An Post but terms and conditions applied.  

  1. Annual Fees: no other charges than Government stamp duty of €30 that has to be given annual. 
  2. Intro Offer: 0% interest on balance transfers for a whole year. You just have to pay bills on time to constantly get the offer.
  3. Interest rate: The annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases is 22.9% and variable interest rate is 16.8%. Other than this, no charges are applied. 

Customer Support

If you have any queries and questions, you can Read FAQs at the website. If you want to contact service center, then call at:

  • For Ireland: 0818 205 410
  • From abroad: 00 353 7195 94094


  • Toll free number: 1800 800 780