Classic Credit Card by Bank of Ireland is an everyday card with flexible options. Easy balance transfer options include exclusive offers abroad and contactless payments. This card gives you the freedom to spend as you like. Your money is safe, and you can spend it whenever needed. 


The Key Benefits of the Card

MasterCard’s that provide benefits, experiences and offers, often have good interest rates, annual fees, etc. This Classic Credit Card is a simple card that offers ease and freedom to buy whatever you need. There are many other advantages to having it. 

  • Charges-free and interest-free: No annual fee other than government tax of $30 and you can choose for 0% fixed interest on purchases in the first 6 months or 0% fixed interest on balance transfers for the first 7 months as a cardholder. 
  • Card controlling power: With Banking 365, you can now access your card on mobile. Either you want to activate it, freeze or unfreeze it, view the PIN, or order a replacement card. You can do anything with just a click. 
  • Pay through mobile: Set up your card with Apple Pay or Google Pay, and you can make bill payments, purchases, and shop while sitting at home through mobile. Contactless payment allows you to do online shopping even abroad too. 
  • Supplementary cards: Besides the primary card, you can get 3 additional cards for your family. There is no need to pay any extra fee for it. What a facility! Get a different card for your family now. 
  • Emergency services: Lost your card abroad? No problem, the emergency cash advance facility provided by Classic Credit Card will never let your trip be ruined. 
  • Exclusive offers: MasterCard Priceless Cities will give you complete experience when abroad. You also can take advantage of benefits, experiences and offers in Ireland.


If you fulfill the criteria, you can apply for this card.

  • Your age must be over 18 years. 
  • The applicant must be an Ireland citizen or a foreigner living in Ireland.
  • You have a receipt of regular income.

About the Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland is capable of solving all your queries and problems. Traditional banking to digital options and services are also available to meet growing technology needs. One of the largest and oldest groups in the banking sector is the Bank of Ireland. 11 thousand employees are providing customers with the best financing and banking solutions. 

The services provided by this bank are to the mark. Mortgage management to bank accounts, loan or credit card, Insurance or protection, saving or investment services; this bank is master or all. It provides personalized banking services to businesses and corporate banking services. This bank is also a partnership with renowned UK brands. 


Who is this card for?

Classic credit card is best suited for customers of the following categories:

  • Suppose you prefer shopping, billing, or purchasing products through a credit card. This credit card is the best option because it doesn’t deduct any transaction fee. 
  • Anyone who values online banking and payment services. Then you will get secure, safe, and quick online service at Banking 365. 


Step-By-Step to Apply For the Card

You can apply online or visit the bank during banking hours. 

  1. Visit the Bank of Ireland website and navigate to Classic credit card from the main menu. 
  2. If you are eligible then click on Apply now. 
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions required.
  4. Fill out the form with your details. 
  5. Clock on Next and then fill in the other details. 
  6. Submit the form. 

Positives and Negatives of the Card

Every card has benefits and disadvantages, too. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  1. 0% fixed interest on purchases for the first 6 months or 0% fixed interest on balance transfers for the first 7 months
  2. No additional card fee
  3. 24 hour approval for Bank of Ireland customers


  1. No cashback offers 
  2. No points program

How do you unlock the card?

Follow these simple steps to unlock your card:

  1. After receiving your card, open 365 online or the Bank of Ireland app and enter your PIN to activate. 
  2. You can also activate it on any Bank of Ireland cash machine or in a branch with in-person support.

Fees and Tariffs

This card may not have any transaction or annual fee, but there are many other charges that you have to pay. 

  • There is no transaction fee when you pay in Euro.
  • No annual fee applied, you must pay only 30 euros of the Government Stamp duty.
  • The variable interest rate is 16.12%
  • Cash advances: 21.36% of variable interest rates
  • Typical Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 22.1%.

Customer Service

Customer support services of Bank of Ireland are up to date. Plenty of FAQs are available on the website, but if there is a problem, then call the free number. 

  • Phone: 1800 946 764
  • Great Britain: 0800-121-7790
  • International number: 353 56 775 7007
  • The Official Website

This card gives you the ultimate freedom to purchase and pay bills without worrying about interest rates, transaction fees, etc. You will have to pay less interest rate when you pay in Euro. There are many low-cost installment options, too, so you can renovate your home or pay your kid’s education fee.