Allied Irish Banks offers the AIB Click Visa Card, a flexible credit option with a low annual interest rate of 9.11% variable and an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 13.8% variable. This card is ideal for those needing to spread large purchases over a few months or those who don’t pay off their credit card balance in full each month. The card offers up to 56 days of interest-free credit, with a grace period for repayment without accruing additional interest. It also supports contactless payments and is compatible with mobile payment systems like Google Pay and Apple Pay. The card also offers emergency cash services for lost or stolen cards.


Benefits of the AIB Click Visa Card

The AIB Click Visa Card offers a range of benefits designed to provide convenience, flexibility, and cost-efficiency to its users. This credit card is tailored for individuals who are looking for a straightforward and manageable credit solution. Below are some notable benefits of the AIB Click Visa Card, each explained in detail.


Low Annual Interest Rate on Purchases

The AIB Click Visa Card offers a competitively annual interest rate of 9.11% variable on purchases. This is particularly advantageous for cardholders who may carry a balance on their card, as it can result in lower interest charges compared to other credit cards with higher rates. This feature is beneficial for those who need to make significant purchases and prefer to spread the cost over time.

No Annual Bank Fee

Cardholders are not charged an annual fee for using the AIB Click Visa Card, which can lead to substantial savings over time. Despite that, each credit card account is subject to an annual government stamp duty of €30.00, so, please keep it in mind. This absence of a yearly maintenance fee makes the card a cost-effective option for users who are mindful of extra costs associated with credit cards.

Up to 56 Days Interest-Free Credit

If the balance is paid off in full and on schedule each month, the card grants up to 56 days of interest-free credit.  This benefit allows cardholders to manage their cash flow more effectively, as they can make purchases without incurring interest charges for this period. This feature is ideal for individuals who pay off their balance regularly and can plan their finances to take advantage of this interest-free window.


Contactless Payments and Mobile Pay Compatibility

This credit card supports contactless payments and is compatible with mobile payment systems like Google Pay and Apple Pay. This modern feature enables quick, easy, and secure transactions, especially for smaller, everyday purchases.

Emergency Cash Service

In case the card is lost or stolen, especially when abroad, AIB provides an emergency cash service. This service can be a lifesaver in difficult situations, offering peace of mind and immediate assistance to access funds, which is crucial during travel or unexpected circumstances.

Flexible Credit Limit

The AIB Click Visa Card offers a credit limit that is tailored to the individual’s financial situation, subject to AIB’s lending criteria. This personalized approach ensures that the credit limit aligns with the cardholder’s repayment capacity, making it a responsible financial tool. The ability to request a credit limit increase through AIB Internet Banking adds another layer of flexibility, accommodating changes in the cardholder’s financial needs over time.

Prerequisites to Obtain the AIB Click Visa Card

To apply for the AIB Click Visa Card, applicants must meet certain prerequisites as set by Allied Irish Banks. These requirements are designed to assess the financial stability and eligibility of potential cardholders. Here are the key requirements:

  • Minimum Income Requirement: Applicants must have a minimum annual salary of €16,000. This criterion is in place to ensure that potential cardholders have a stable income source to manage credit card repayments.
  • Employment Status Documentation: Depending on the employment status of the applicant, different documents are required:

PAYE employees require recent bank statements and payslips for their last three months’ salary, as well as proof of PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) and the last three months’ credit card statements for applicants with a credit card with another institution.

PPSN and NOA are required for self-employed individuals to provide bank statements, proof of income, and up-to-date financial statements, as well as the last three months’ statements for credit cards with other institutions.

Retired individuals must provide bank statements where their pension is paid, proof of PPSN, and if they have more than one pension, documentation from the pension provider about the annual payment.

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Residency: Applicants should be residents of Ireland.
  • AIB Internet Banking and Phone Banking: Applicants are required to be registered users of AIB Internet Banking and AIB Phone Banking.
  • Credit History Assessment: As with any credit product, AIB will likely assess the applicant’s credit history to determine creditworthiness. 

About AIB Bank Institution

Allied Irish Banks (AIB) is a major Irish bank with a long history, founded in 1966 by the combination of three older Irish banks: the Provincial Bank of Ireland, the Royal Bank of Ireland, and the Munster & Leinster Bank. AIB has evolved significantly over time, becoming Ireland’s third-largest bank by assets in recent years. It offers personal and corporate banking services, including current and savings accounts, credit cards, consumer and mortgage loans, and investment funds in Ireland and the UK. AIB also offers international transfers and online and mobile banking. With its universal banking philosophy, AIB is a major Irish bank with a strong market presence.

Who is this Card for?

The AIB Click Visa Card is a low-cost credit card designed for individuals with a stable income of €16,000 or more. It offers a low variable annual interest rate on purchases and no annual bank fee, making it suitable for occasionally carrying balances. The card also features contactless payments and compatibility with mobile payment systems like Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it ideal for managing everyday expenses and larger purchases.


Step by Step to Apply for the AIB Click Visa Card

To apply for the AIB Click Visa Card, follow these steps:

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the minimum requirements, including a minimum annual salary of €16,000.
  2. AIB Internet Banking: If you are an existing AIB customer with Internet Banking, you can apply directly through AIB Internet Banking.
  3. Phone or Branch Application: If you are a non-AIB customer or an AIB customer without Internet Banking, you can call AIB at 0818 724 725, request a callback from a customer service representative, or visit a local AIB branch to apply.
  4. Documentation: Prepare necessary documents, including proof of income, recent bank statements, and proof of PPSN (Personal Public Service Number).
  5. Complete the Application: Fill out the application form with your personal and financial details.
  6. Review and Submit: Review all provided information for accuracy and submit your application.
  7. Await Approval: After submission, AIB will review your application. This process may include a credit check and verification of provided information.
  8. Card Issuance: Upon approval, your AIB Click Visa Card will be issued and sent to you.

Positives and Negatives of the AIB Click Visa Card


  • Low Annual Interest Rate: The card offers a relatively low variable annual interest rate of 9.11% on purchases, which can be advantageous for those who occasionally carry a balance.
  • No Annual Bank Fee: There is no annual fee for the card, making it a cost-effective option for many users.
  • Interest-Free Credit Period: Up to 56 days of interest-free credit if the balance is paid in full and on time each month, beneficial for managing short-term expenses.
  • Contactless Payments and Mobile Pay Compatibility: Supports modern payment technologies like contactless payments, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for convenient transactions.
  • Emergency Cash Service: Provides support in the event the card is lost or stolen, particularly useful during travel.
  • Flexible Credit Limit: Offers a credit limit based on the individual’s financial situation, subject to AIB’s lending criteria.


  • Minimum Income Requirement: A minimum annual income of €16,000 is required, which may not be feasible for all potential applicants.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: The card includes foreign transaction fees, which may be a disadvantage for frequent travelers or those making purchases in foreign currencies.
  • Lack of Rewards or Cashback: Unlike some other credit cards, the AIB Click Visa Card does not offer rewards or cash-back incentives.

How to Activate the AIB Click Visa Card?

Activating the AIB Click Visa Card is a straightforward process. Upon receiving your new card, (and the PIN number subsequently), here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Read the Accompanying Material: When you receive your card, it will come with important information. Make sure to read all the accompanying material thoroughly.
  2. Sign Your Card: Sign the back of your card immediately after receiving it.
  3. First Transaction: Before you can use the Contactless feature on your card, you will need to complete a successful Chip & PIN transaction at either a Point of Sale (POS) terminal or at an ATM. This is a one-time requirement to activate the Contactless functionality.

Fees and Tariffs

The main costs associated with the AIB Click Visa Card include:

  • Annual Interest Rate: The card offers a variable annual interest rate of 9.11% on purchases.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The APR on the card is 13.8% variable.
  • Annual Government Stamp Duty: €30.00 charged annually per credit card account.
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: 1.75% of transaction value (Europe) and 2.75% of transaction value (World).
  • Cash Withdrawal Fees: 19.68% (variable).

Customer Service

If you need assistance regarding the AIB Click Visa Card or any other AIB services, there are several official channels through which you can contact AIB:

AIB Card Services (for credit card queries):

  • Phone: 0818 724 725 or +353 17712424 (Outside Ireland)

AIB Website and Internet Banking:

  • AIB Internet Banking
  • AIB Official Website