Podcasts have become a popular medium for learning about personal finance, offering listeners the convenience of gaining financial insights on the go. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or simply relaxing at home, you can easily tune into a podcast and enhance your financial knowledge. With a vast array of topics and expert advice available, these podcasts cover everything from budgeting and investing to saving for retirement and achieving financial independence. Whether you’re looking to improve your budgeting skills, learn about investing, or get tips on saving for retirement, there’s a podcast for you. This article highlights some of the best personal finance podcasts that cater to a variety of financial interests and goals.

1. “The Dave Ramsey Show”

Hosted by Dave Ramsey, “The Dave Ramsey Show” is one of the most well-known personal finance podcasts. Ramsey offers practical advice on budgeting, getting out of debt, and building wealth through his Baby Steps program.

Key features

  • Debt-free living: Emphasizes getting out of debt and living debt-free.
  • Budgeting tips: Provides actionable tips for creating and sticking to a budget.
  • Real-life stories: Features callers who share their financial struggles and successes.

This podcast is ideal for those looking to take control of their finances, pay off debt, and build a strong financial foundation.


For more information, visit The Dave Ramsey Show.

2. “The BiggerPockets Money Podcast”

“The BiggerPockets Money Podcast,” hosted by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench, focuses on financial independence and early retirement. The hosts interview a variety of guests who share their financial journeys and strategies for building wealth.

Key features

  • Financial independence: Insights on achieving financial independence and retiring early.
  • Real estate investing: Tips and strategies for investing in real estate.
  • Diverse perspectives: Interviews with individuals from various financial backgrounds.

This podcast is great for listeners interested in real estate investing.


For more insights, check out The BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

3. “How to Money”

Hosted by Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix, “How to Money” covers a wide range of personal finance topics in a fun and relatable way. The hosts discuss budgeting, saving, investing, and more, making complex financial topics accessible to everyone.

Key features

  • Practical advice: Offers practical tips for managing money and making smart financial decisions.
  • Relatable hosts: Joel and Matt share their own financial experiences and lessons learned.
  • Wide range of topics: Covers everything from travel hacking to retirement planning.

This podcast is perfect for anyone looking for straightforward, practical advice on managing their finances.

4. “ChooseFI”

ChooseFI,” hosted by Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa, is a podcast dedicated to helping listeners achieve financial independence. The hosts share strategies for saving money, increasing income, and investing wisely to reach financial freedom.

Key features

  • Financial independence: Focuses on strategies for achieving financial independence and living a life of financial freedom.
  • Actionable tips: Provides practical advice on reducing expenses and maximizing income.
  • Community focus: Emphasizes the importance of community and learning from others on the same journey.

Ideal for those pursuing financial independence and looking for a supportive community and actionable strategies.

5. “The Stacking Benjamins Show”

The Stacking Benjamins Show“, hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman (OG), is a lighthearted and entertaining podcast that covers a wide range of personal finance topics. The hosts bring on expert guests to discuss investing, saving, and other financial topics in a humorous and engaging way.

Key features

  • Expert guests: Features interviews with financial experts, authors, and bloggers.
  • Entertaining format: Combines humor and financial education for an engaging listening experience.
  • Diverse topics: Covers everything from investment strategies to money-saving tips.

This podcast is great for listeners who want to learn about personal finance in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

6. “So Money” with Farnoosh Torabi

Hosted by financial expert Farnoosh Torabi, “So Money” features interviews with top business minds, authors, and influencers. The podcast covers a broad spectrum of financial topics, from personal finance tips to entrepreneurial advice.

Key features

  • Expert interviews: In-depth conversations with financial experts and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Actionable advice: Practical tips and strategies for managing money and achieving financial goals.
  • Diverse topics: Covers a wide range of topics, including investing, saving, and career advice.

This podcast is ideal for those looking to learn from top experts and gain actionable insights to improve their financial situation.

7. “Afford Anything”

Hosted by Paula Pant, “Afford Anything” explores the philosophy that you can afford anything, but not everything. The podcast focuses on making intentional choices with your money and living a financially independent life.

Key features

  • Intentional living: Encourages mindful spending and intentional financial decisions.
  • Expert insights: Features interviews with financial experts and successful individuals.
  • Actionable tips: Provides practical advice on saving, investing, and building wealth.

Perfect for listeners who want to make deliberate financial choices and prioritize their spending to achieve their goals.

8. “Finance Independence Podcast” by Mad Fientist

“Finance Independence Podcast” by Mad Fientist, focuses on achieving financial independence through smart investing and tax optimization. The podcast features interviews with experts in the financial independence (FI) community and provides in-depth analyses of various FI strategies.

Key features

  • Financial independence: Strategies for achieving FI and retiring early.
  • Tax optimization: Tips for minimizing taxes and maximizing investment returns.
  • Expert interviews: Conversations with leaders in the financial independence community.

Ideal for those looking to delve deep into the strategies and nuances of achieving financial independence.

9. “Money for the Rest of Us”

Hosted by J. David Stein, “Money for the Rest of Us” offers insights into managing money, investing, and the economy. Stein breaks down complex financial concepts into understandable and actionable advice.

Key features

  • Investment insights: Practical advice on investing and portfolio management.
  • Economic analysis: Insights into economic trends and their impact on personal finance.
  • Educational content: Clear explanations of financial concepts and strategies.

This podcast is great for listeners who want to understand how to manage their investments and navigate the economy effectively.

10. “The Clark Howard Podcast”

Hosted by consumer expert Clark Howard, “The Clark Howard Podcast” provides practical advice on saving more, spending less, and avoiding consumer scams. Howard shares tips on various personal finance topics, including insurance, credit, and investing.

Key features

  • Consumer advocacy: Tips for protecting yourself from scams and bad deals.
  • Money-saving strategies: Practical advice on reducing expenses and saving money.
  • Wide range of topics: Covers everything from credit scores to retirement planning.

This podcast is ideal for those looking to become savvy consumers and make informed financial decisions.

Listening to personal finance podcasts is a convenient and effective way to enhance your financial knowledge and improve your money management skills. The podcasts listed above offer valuable insights and practical advice on a wide range of financial topics, from budgeting and saving to investing and achieving financial independence. By incorporating these podcasts into your routine, you can stay informed, motivated, and on track to reach your financial goals.