About Us

The Beginning

Fredrick Alvaro is a retired professor of philosophy and social informatics who teaches and consults in many global universities. During his working days in Florida, USA, he met Ethan Smith. The latter worked as his assistant lecturer in specific projects and later became his good friend. Being always relying on the internet for studies and research, they had this concern on how accurate is this information? How reliable are they? have they verified the information before publishing etc. Then two friends decided to start a website that will consist of only “verified information & statistics” on When? How? and What ? and this website will try to cover articles on uncommon and unheard topics. Later they handed over the site to their undergraduate team to take forward.

How can you verify all this information ?

Fredrick and Ethan initiated the idea of the website and then handed it over to their trusted undergraduates who are studying Social Informatics, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, and Statistics. They are based in the USA, Germany, Sri Lanka & Australia. They conduct all the research and contact organizations/institutions/news agencies to retrieve information in order to verify the details. And after verifying the data, this website will publish the articles.

In two lines, tell us how is this website is different from other information sites

We try to cover uncommon topics.

Our website will carry only verified information and statistics. No guesses, assumptions, or imaginations.