Are you ready to transform your spending habits? And want to enjoy a world of financial possibilities? Say hello to the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card. A unique new partner in achieving your dreams. With its irresistible cashback rewards, exclusive discounts, and invaluable peace of mind. It’s more than just a credit card – it’s your ticket to a brighter future. Not missing out on chances? Get the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card right now and start getting rewards.


PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card

You can earn big cash back on all your everyday transactions with the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card’s excellent rewards program. When you spend up to $8,000 per year on combined purchases, you can earn 3% on restaurants, 4% on gas stations, 2% on groceries and 1% on all other purchases. With this cash back program, you can earn a significant amount of money back in your day-to-day transactions.


Plus, after the first three billing cycles, new cardholders can get a $200 sign-up bonus on spending $1,000 or more in their purchases during this period. In addition, during the first twelve payment cycles, you can consolidate your debt and enjoy 0% APR on balance transfers with this card. A variable APR, depending on creditworthiness, applies after the introductory period and can range from 19.24% to 30.24%.

Benefits of the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card

No annual fee

There is no annual fee to hold you back from enjoying all that the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card has to offer. You may save more money when shopping with access to free rewards and benefits.

Extra up to 4% off in hot Categories

Apply for a PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card and you might get 4% back on popular categories purchases. You can easily earn rewards on both necessities and treats with the 4% cashback on petrol station purchases, 3% cash back on restaurant purchases, and 2% cash back on grocery store purchases.


Get Cash Back on Necessary Purchases at Competitive Rates

Earn more rewards in three of life’s most important spending categories—groceries, petrol, and restaurants—with attractive cash back rates. Whether you’re filling up your tank, buying groceries, or eating out, you may get cash back on all of your qualified purchases.

Special Offer: Intro APR for Balance Transfers

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card offers a promotional introductory APR on balance transfers, so make the most of it. You can combine high-interest debt from other credit cards and save on interest charges with an exclusive introductory 0% APR on balance transfers for a specified period.

Maximum $800 in Cell Phone Insurance

Paying your monthly wireless bill with your PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card, that gives you peace of mind with smartphone protection coverage of up to $800. This coverage will compensate you for the costs of repair or replacement in the event of theft or damage, so you can stay connected without worrying about unexpected charges.

Protection Against Zero-Liability Fraud

With a zero-liability fraud protection, you can rest easy knowing that unauthorized transactions won’t affect you. You won’t have to worry about being held accountable for the charges made using a stolen or lost card. Feel safe making purchases with your card.

Purchasing Limit Per Year

There is an annual limit of $8,000 for combined transactions made in particular categories (such as groceries, dining, and gas stations) that qualify for higher cashback rates on this card. As soon as you hit this limit, the cashback rate for these categories will go back to its original 1%.

Details of the Introduction Bonus

Get a $200 monetary credit incentive if you spend $1,000 or more in the first three billing cycles after you start your account. In the first few months of having the card, this bonus will significantly increase your earnings from rewards.

Manage accounts online

You can easily manage your account online. You may check transactions, track your cashback earnings, and make payments whenever and wherever you like. Switching to paperless statements would simplify account administration while reducing clutter and helping the environment.

For those in search of extra financial security, assistance, and rewards on spending, this credit card from PNC Bank offers something truly special.

Eligibility for the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card

To qualify for the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card:

  • Your account must be open and available for purchases.
  • Eligibility is determined by PNC, considering factors like creditworthiness and financial history.
  • Applicants must qualify for a minimum credit line of $500.


Step by Step to Apply For The Card

  • Visit the PNC bank Website.
  • Go to PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card Page
  • Press the button “Apply Now”
  • Provide the information needed as your address, name, documentation, etc.
  • Check the information given
  • Submit the application form
  • Wait for approval to get your PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card

You can also apply in a PNC Branch, find here a branch near you to proceed with your application.

Pros and Cons of PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card


  • No annual fee
  • Up to 4% cash back in popular spending categories.
  • Enjoy best cash back rates on groceries, gas, and dining.
  • Get up to $800 in cellphone insurance.


  • Low annual cap on higher rewards rates.
  • Few choices for using your rewards.
  • For balance transfers, there is a limited-time introductory APR offer.

Fees and Tariffs

The main costs associated with the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Credit Card include:

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Late payment fee: up to $38
  • Returned payment: up to $38
  • Foreign transactions: 3% of each foreign transaction amount in U.S dollars
  • Cash Advance: Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance
  • Annual Percentage Rate(APR) for purchases: 19.24% to 30.24%
  • APR for balance transfers: 19.24% to 30.24%
  • APR for cash advances: 30.24%

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