The Capital One Quicksilver credit card offers a straightforward rewards structure with unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, daily. It also provides a $200 cash bonus after spending $500 within the first 3 months. The card has no annual fee and foreign transaction fees, making it an attractive option for both domestic and international purchases. Benefits include a complimentary Uber One membership, extended warranty, travel accident and insurance.


Benefits of the Card

The Capital One Quicksilver credit card is designed to offer a blend of rewards and benefits that cater to the everyday needs of its cardholders. With an emphasis on simplicity and value, the card provides a straightforward rewards program alongside a suite of benefits designed to enhance the cardholder’s experience. Here are some of the top benefits that come with the Capital One Quicksilver credit card, each offering its own unique advantage.


Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back on Every Purchase

One of the hallmark features of the Capital One Quicksilver card is the unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, with no caps or categories to track. This benefit allows cardholders to earn cash back on all their spending, from groceries and gas to dining out and online shopping. It simplifies the rewards process, ensuring that cardholders can easily earn and redeem cash back without having to navigate complex rewards structures.

$200 Cash Bonus

New cardholders have the opportunity to earn a $200 cash bonus after spending $500 on purchases within the first 3 months of account opening. This one-time bonus is an excellent way for new users to boost their rewards early on, effectively earning back a significant portion of their initial spending in the form of cash back.

No Annual Fee

The Quicksilver card does not charge an annual fee, making it a cost-effective choice for consumers. By eliminating the annual fee, Capital One ensures that cardholders can fully enjoy the benefits and rewards of the card without having to offset a yearly charge, making it more accessible to a wider range of users.


0% Intro APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers

Cardholders benefit from a 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first 15 months after opening an account. This feature is particularly beneficial for those looking to make large purchases or transfer balances from other credit cards, as it allows them to save on interest charges during the introductory period.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

The Quicksilver card offers the advantage of no foreign transaction fees on purchases made outside the United States. This benefit is especially valuable for travelers, as it allows them to use their card internationally without incurring additional charges, making it easier and more cost-effective to spend abroad.

Complimentary Uber One Membership

Cardholders can enjoy up to 6 months of complimentary Uber One membership, offering benefits such as discounted rides and free delivery on eligible Uber Eats orders. This perk is designed to enhance the cardholder’s experience with Uber, providing added value for those who frequently use the service for transportation and food delivery.

Prerequisites to obtain the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card

Applicants must fulfill several requirements in order to apply for the Capital One Quicksilver credit card. Below is a list to follow:

  1. Credit Score: Applicants are required to have an excellent credit score, which typically means a score in the higher range, usually around 720 or above.
  2. Age and Residency: Applicants must be at least 18 years old (19 or 21 in certain states) and have a valid Social Security Number (SSN). They must also be legal residents of the United States, with a physical address within the country.
  3. Income and Employment: While specific income requirements are not disclosed, applicants need to demonstrate a stable income source. This is to ensure they have the means to repay any credit extended to them.
  4. Financial History: A review of the applicant’s financial history, including current debts, past credit card usage, loan history, and any instances of bankruptcy, will be conducted.
  5. Banking Information: Applicants need to provide banking information to verify their financial stability.
  6. Application Details: Accurate and complete application details, including personal information, contact details, and financial information, are necessary for the application process.

Note: The Capital One Quicksilver credit card website features a “pre-approval check” option, allowing potential applicants to assess their eligibility for the card without impacting their credit score. 

About Capital One Financial Institution

For more than 25 years, Capital One, a renowned financial organization, has been transforming the credit card market. It provides a variety of banking services to more than 100 million customers including credit cards, checking and savings accounts, auto loans, and commercial banking. The goal of the organization is to promote financial inclusion and democratize access to the financial system by removing obstacles. Capital One’s commitment to increasing accessibility to financial goods and services is reflected in its business practices, community partnerships, charitable endeavors, and customer support. By providing funding for access to affordable housing and healthcare, the corporation also benefits local communities.

Who is this Card for?

The Capital One Quicksilver credit card is designed for people with excellent credit level who appreciate ease of use and effectiveness while making purchases. Those who want a simple rewards program without having to track expenditure categories or sign up for rotating incentives may find this card very appealing. 

The Quicksilver card is designed for customers who regularly make purchases in a range of categories and are seeking steady cash back rewards. It offers an unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. The card is also a desirable choice for both domestic and overseas consumers due to its $0 annual charge and lack of foreign transaction fees. The addition of a one-time cash bonus and a promotional APR offer increases its popularity for people who want to take use of a flexible credit card while optimizing their savings.


Step by Step to Apply for the Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card

The Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card application process is simple and may be accomplished online. Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this goal:

  1. Start by going to the official Capital One Quicksilver credit card page 
  2. Before applying, you can use the “See if I’m Pre-Approved” option on the webpage. This tool allows you to check your eligibility for the card without impacting your credit score.
  3. If you decide to proceed with the application, press the “Apply Now” button found just below the “See if I’m Pre-Approved” button on the same page. This will take you to the application form.
  4. Complete the application form with the required information, which includes personal details, financial information, and employment status.
  5. Before submitting your application, review all the information you’ve entered for accuracy. Once you’re ready, submit your application for review.
  6. Wait for approval

Positives and Negatives of the Card

Although the Capital One Quicksilver credit card has a number of advantages that may be tailored to different customer needs, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The benefits and drawbacks are outlined below:


  • Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back: Earn 1,5% cash back on every purchase without the hassle of tracking spending categories.
  • $200 Cash Bonus: Offers a one-time cash bonus after spending $500 within the first 3 months from account opening.
  • No Annual Fee: Allows you to enjoy the card’s benefits without worrying about an annual cost.
  • 0% Intro APR: Provides a 0% introductory APR for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers, which is beneficial for new purchases or transferring balances from other cards.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Makes it an excellent choice for international travelers.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Cash back doesn’t expire for the life of the account, and you can redeem your rewards for any amount.


  • High Variable APR After Intro Period: After the introductory APR period ends, the card has a variable APR of 19.99% – 29.99%, which can be high if you tend to carry a balance.
  • Excellent Credit Requirement: The card is targeted at individuals with excellent credit, which may not be suitable for those with average or below-average credit histories.
  • Limited Additional Perks: While the card offers essential benefits, it may lack the extensive perks (like lounge access) found in some other premium credit cards.

How to Activate the Card?

Capital One offers several convenient methods for card activation:

  1. Online Activation: Visit the Capital One website and sign in to your account, or create a new account if you don’t already have one. Look for the activation button and enter the required card information to activate it.
  2. Mobile App Activation: Download the Capital One mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices. Once installed, log in or sign up, and follow the prompts to activate your card. Download for Android: Google Play Store and for iOS: Apple App Store.
  3. Phone Activation: Alternatively, you can activate your card by giving the phone number that comes with it a call. This number is usually on the sticker that is glued to the front of the card or in the documentation that comes with it.

After activating your card, you can start using it immediately.

Fees and Tariffs

Here’s a summary of the main fees and tariffs for the card:

  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Cash Advance Fee: $5 or 5%, depending on how much is advanced each time, in cash.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: $0. 
  • Late Payment Fee: $40
  • APR: The card offers a 0% introductory APR for the first 15 months on purchases and balance transfers. After the introductory period, a variable APR applies, ranging from 19.99% to 29.99%, based on your creditworthiness.

Customer Service

You can contact the following official channels to get help with the Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card or with any questions you have about Capital One’s services:

  • Official Website: Visit the Capital One website for information on credit cards, banking, loans, etc.
  • Customer Service Phone Number: For customer service, you can call Capital One at 1-877-383-4802 for general customer service inquiries and 1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825) for credit card accounts.
  • Mobile App: Manage your account on the go with the Capital One Mobile app, available for download on both Android and iOS compatible devices:
  • Online Chat: Capital One offers an online chat feature for customers logged into their account on the Capital One website or through the mobile app, providing a convenient way to get help.
  • Social Media: Capital One is active on several social media platforms where you can get updates and reach out for support.