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Citi Double Cash® Card: A Brief Introduction

When purchasing with the Citi Double Cash® Card one can earn cash back on everything and anything bought at all in the United States. With no requirement, this card dissolves all the category restrictions as well as registration processes to be eligible making it simple for all cardholders to earn the rewards.

For the first 6 months of account holding, you can earn a $200 cashback reward after having charged up to $1,500 on your purchases.

The card also offers 2% cash back on all purchases. After paying, you earn 2%. Plus, a special reward on travel purchases like hotels, car rentals, and reserved attractions.

Citi Double Cash® Card: discover double cash back rewards

The feature that is most likely to earn the Citi Double Cash® Card good reputation is its two-time cash-back reward structure which is applied to every purchase.

You'll earn 1% cash back when you make a purchase and an additional 1% when you pay off those purchases.

Therefore, this card is very simple and rewarding because it returns your money when you make a purchase and again when you pay off those purchases.

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About the Citi Bank

So, Citi is recognized as a global banking lender, with a prominent name and a wealth of service experience spanning two centuries. Initially established as the City Bank of New York in 1812, Citi now operates within an ecosystem encompassing nearly 160 countries, positioning itself as a leader in services for clients worldwide, within the context of increasing global integration.

With clients operating on an international scale, Citi has been at the forefront of globalization's evolution over its more than 200 years of banking history. Today, a monumental shift towards a new era is witnessed, wherein trade and supply chains play central roles.

Citi operates with a deep understanding of local policies, businesses, and economic conditions. This empowers the institution to move trillions of dollars in daily flows across borders, currencies, and asset classes. Beyond traditional banking services, the bank offers personalized financial solutions, driven by advanced digital capabilities. Citi's commitment goes beyond merely providing attractive financial services; the institution is dedicated to contributing to a better society.

Why choose the Citi Double Cash® Card?

The Citi Double Cash® Card is a suitable choice of cash-back card to look up to for those looking for extraordinary rewards. With this card, you can earn cash back twice on every purchase: your 1% back is paid when you buy products, and an additional 1% is received during the process of making payments for those goods. Whether you buy something from electronics or appliances, there is no category restricting or registration needed, which makes you earn cashback on all your purchases without keeping track of rotating categories.

The Citibank Double Cash® is very simple, and it is the flexibility of this card that makes it so. You can cash back your account by choosing from credit redeeming, direct depositing, or writing a check. You can also find other variations of using the points option, for instance, gift cards, and travel, or you can Shop with Points available at Amazon.com.

Besides its start-up bonus, the card Citi Double Cash® possesses one more advantage: its introductory offer. Users who newly apply for the card and who spend $1,500 or more within the stipulated period of 6 months upon account opening, get $200 cashback as a bonus. The fact that they pay in cash at the end of the week gives their clients a remarkable option of raking in a huge reward if they shop consistently throughout the week.
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